Thursday, March 10, 2011

About me

When was the last time you met someone who literallly turns heads when they walk into a room? And did that same person have the ability to give you that attention-grabbing look as well? 

Meet Professional Make-up Artist Lane. Lane is the founder and CEO of Glamour Lane, a beauty consulting and artistry company. What began as a make-up consultating company in 2005 has since evolved into a full-service beauty consulting establishment.

While Lane's goal is to primarily meet your make-up needs, she feels that it is equally important to nurture your natural skin. Beautiful skin, combined with a glamourus finish make for an exceptional combination that is sure to exude inner and outer confidence!

Lane's motto is "Educate yourself about skincare and never leave the house without groomed eyebrows!"(They Frame your FACE)

But don't let those smoky-eyes fool you. Lane comes from a not-so-ordinary background. After recieving a Bachelor's of Science Degree in computer informations with Minor in Management, Lane went on to serve the United States in the war in Iraq for one year.

From there she went on to teach high school students at an alternative education school in the greater Houston Area. It was there that she decided to step out on faith and pursue her career as a professional make-up artist. Lane freelanced in Houston for a couple of years, and shortly after was accepted into the Los Angeles Cinema Makeup School where she shined as a student, winning 1st place in the Avant Garde Beauty and Glamour Competition

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Mrs. Perry said...

Love it!!!! So how often will the blog be update? WHEN DO YOU THINK THE MOBILE VERSION WILL BE AVAILABLE???

I have learned from the best (Glamour Lane) you CANNOT/MUST NOT sleep in make-up!

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