Thursday, June 12, 2008

Your Ultimate Pathway to Beauty

Glamour Lane is your narrow pathway to the alluring beauty you posses within yourself. Everyone has a sense of beauty and charm that dwells inside their soul.

The word beauty can simply be defined as any quality you posses that gives pleasure to who you truly are.

Makeup is essential to the everyday life of any woman. From lip gloss to mascara, they all have a significant impact on us.

Yes, I know there are some of you who say, "I go natural, I don't wear makeup!" What I usually say to that is, "Makeup is not your enemy, it should be viewed as an accessory." If you ask me everyone can benefit from an even skintone. There are very few people that can truly say they have even skin tone all around.

I have noticed throughout my makeup career and working with all types of women from various backgrounds, that a lot of women seem to think makeup is some hard task that is going to take forever.

Well guess what? That's what Glamour Lane is here for. Not only will my blog cater to those women who practically have no time at all for makeup, but I will also give you tips, show you tricks, and dynamic video techniques to transform you into



Tammie said...

Well thank you! This is great! I am so excited LANE!

Lisa Michelle said...

This was for me! I could def. use some quick tips...Thanks Lane

jcue said...

I really think you have to start from within..zinc is a huge substantial part in great skin care..
fish eaters, for salmon and yes, sardines, and oysters..make great skin care remedies..
Rev up on antioxidants..such as my favorite ice cherry and red zinger..wonderful summer drink with lemon..and geat for the skin.

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