Saturday, June 14, 2008

How to approach your significant other about Skincare!

When it comes to men and skincare 90% of them could care less. At the same time its a topic you don't want to take lightly.

Hand them a bar of soap and towel and that will be used for ever inch of the body including the face!

In my career, I have noticed the best way to approach a guy about skincare is to suggest something you recommend, or you can also just buy it and trust me they will use it.

Believe it or not they enjoy using our bath products in secret without even telling us.

I once had a friend who caught her husband using her Mary Kay 3-in-1 Cleanser. When he was caught red handed his only excuse for using it was, "I like the way it makes my face feel after shaving!" LOL. yea he was totally busted practicing metro-tendencies.

I say make the man feel comfortable about using skincare products, introduce it to him slowly.

Now if you have a man that is eager to get his skin in check, by all means discuss his options with him, be supportive, and let him know that you are behind men and great skin 100%.

So far I have my man wearing sunscreen all over his body, where before he didn't even apply lotion! Oh the madness…

The key point to remember when approaching your man about his skin is to:
  1. Look for a segway into the subject, don’t just bring it up abruptly with no regards to the fact that it’s a sensitive subject for most guys.

  2. Make sure you are doing your part with your skin, so he is learning from example.
  3. Recommend products for him and take it upon yourself to buy it for him so he can try it out and see if he likes it.

  4. Reassure him of the importance on skincare and the long term benefits.
  5. Keep it simple and easy, too much thought and steps turns anyone away. Maybe you can start off introducing one product at a time. IE: Lotion, sunscreen, after care for shaving.

Products I recommend to jumpstart your Man and his SKIN..

NIVEA skincare is not only great for men, but also cost efficent, and seeing as how GAS prices aren't going down anytime soon, I believe in helping everyone cut cost but maintain great skin!

Step 1 - All over Clean & Pamper! With an icy fresh fragrance for a truly invigorating shower experience, NIVEA Glacier Blue Shower Gel l has a cool-care-complex with refreshing menthol to care for and revitalise the skin's appearance.

STEP 2 - Cleanse!The first step in a face care regimen should be cleansing using the newly formulated NIVEA FOR MEN Double Action Face Wash Now with the added benefit of Care Pro Tec, this face wash will not only clear away dirt and excess oils that can lead to unwanted blemishes at any age, but also provide long lasting hydration and boost the skin's natural defence capabilities.

Step 3 - Smooth shave!Specially designed for easily irritated, sensitive skin, NIVEA FOR MEN Soothing Shaving Gel now includes new Ultra Glide Technology which helps prevent micro-cuts and irritations caused by shaving. This gel quickly massages into an extra creamy lather, ensuring a closer, smoother and a gentler shave every time.

Step 4 - Soothe and Protect!Shaving every day causes additional stress to the facial skin so to counterbalance this, NIVEA FOR MEN Sensitive After Shave Balm, is specifically formulated to meet the needs of easily irritated and sensitive


Tendskin is one of my favorite products. If you are trying to ease skincare on him in a subtle way this is great product. All you have to do is tell him benefits of it, plain and simple...after shaving you use it all over shaved areas to prevent razor burn, ingrown hairs, and blemishes.

Tend Skin The solution for any cosmetic problem related to hair removal. Men can use it on their face, neck and back of the head while women find it useful on legs, bikini line, underarms and anywhere else hair removal causes razor bumps. Use in conjunction with shaving, waxing electrolysis or epilating. Caution: If you have an allergy to Aspirin (hives, itching) do not use this product.

Find everything a man needs to be perfectly groomed. These products include skin care targeted to combat and help prevent the signs of aging, a shave foam that provides the smoothest shave, sun care products that protect and replenish his skin and a selection of colognes created just for him.


Ashley Minor said...

Thanks for the tips know some men are on such an ego-trip, you have to be really careful with your wording.

And some boys are justy plain sensitive.I'm gonna try your suggested approach. Thanks!

Louisa said...

Keep up the good work.

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